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Oh, how I love thee.. it makes me a happier person to find a Parrish community. No, I kid you not, I just finished Code Noir and now I am thinking of doing some radical guns shopping, and maybe some type of Platique work on myself. I think my cat may actually be a non-marsupial ma'soop, cause she likes to leave her hair around for payment too.. I need a Canrat... A cute canrat of course. I am just all giddy! Makes me happy that I am not the only lover of 'chicks with funky weapons fic'.
I would like to say that if Daac and Parrish don't have sex in or kill one another in the next book, I am going to start making up my own soap opera series about them.. I think I'll start by cutting 4 years out and having Marlena... I mean Parrish find herself on a island that is an exact replica of the Tert... mmmm..

Tis great to find ya!

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