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Parrish's Patch

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This is a community for people to talk about Marianne de Pierres' wonderful Parrish Plessis series! Discussion, fanfic, fan art, book reviews, speculation - all are welcome. Just make sure you stick spoilers behind an LJ cut.
anna, anna schaum, books, bras, canrats, code noir, daac, doc del morte, drabbles, eskaalim, fan art, fanfic, ferals, futuristic, gens, glida, ike, io lang, jamon mondo, leesa tulu, loser, loyl, loyl me daac, marianne de pierres, mei, mei sheong, nylon angel, oya, parrish, parrish plessis, pas, reading, roo, sci fi, science fiction, teece, tert, the tert, tina, torleys, viva, vivacity